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>BOE looks to dump "drivers ed"

>BOE looks to dump “drivers ed”

Looks the BOE is at it again rumors have been circulating for some time that the “drivers ed program” is once again the target of BOE for budget cuts . At a Recent BOE meeting the “financials” were looked over for the community school , and a “review” of programs was held looking at which programs met their financial targets. Not surprising the drivers education program was singled out as missing the mark with a short fall of a bit under $18,000 .

The board claims almost every program at the community school broke even including ,music photography and encore. Sports, you guessed it make the largest contribution to renues with a large assortment of programs. Personnel costs , cars and equipment are all being pointed at for the financial under performance of the “drivers ed program”and the BOE is considering raising fees ,but like last time bets are the program is going to get the axe and parents will once again be held hostage and forced to kick in more doe.

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