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Children May Learn The Truth

By Charles Stampul

Ridgewood NJ, Schools have possession of children for most of the day and occupy most of their remaining waking hours with homework, inculcating many false and useless ideas and attitudes, but children can still find time to set off into the world of knowledge and ideas on their own.

Straying from approved sources of information and material, children can learn that face masks are less than 19% effective at stopping airborne viruses, only when worn 100% of the time, which they never are.  Overuse of masks can compromise respiratory and immune health and in tandem with social distancing, lower IQ.  The risks of Covid have been greatly exaggerated.  There are effective ways of mitigating the risks not involving needles or leaky vaccines.  Governors do not have the power to make laws.  Any edicts by governors affecting the health of individuals are null and void and followed only out of ignorance, cowardice, or malice.

Children may wonder why math word problems keep alluding to race, why the art teacher is also talking about race.  They may disagree with Critical Race Applied Principles but worry about what might happen to them if they ask any challenging questions.  Why do they feel afraid to speak up?  Could it be the masks?  Would it be better to call them muzzles?

It may take years before it all makes sense.  A line from The Fountainhead could drive it home.  “Kill the individual, kill man’s soul and the rest will follow automatically.”   The individual is being destroyed to prepare the ground for a new authoritarian collectivism.  Children will bear the highest costs and the proponents know this.  They are conditioning young people to go along quietly.

7 thoughts on “Children May Learn The Truth

  1. It starts in kindergarten. My son has learned that it’s cool for boys to wear a skirt. My 2nd grade daughter thinks MLK was a prez. Both learn about race at age when they rightfully shouldn’t have any idea about it. And our teen neighbor refers to her classmates as, “white kids.”

    Well done, Summerville!

  2. the 5th grade pronoun study guide at Ridge was interesting as well. I think I will go ahead and teach why people may want to be called “they/them”. A little early.

  3. What a mess we are in

  4. “Well done, Summerville!”

    FYI, it’s “Somerville”.

  5. Ha! You would think someone who claims their kids go to that school would know the name.

  6. Yes.
    Ignore the indoctrination and rampant misinformation force fed into the kids and correct the typo of Somerville.

    YOU are EXACTLY what is wrong with Ridgewood.

  7. This is so true. It does start young. This is when your child is thirsting for knowledge and being prepared to face the world. If a parent can do this, homeschool children up until fourth grade at least. I homeschooled my 5 kids up until high school. It worked out very well because – in the midst of the cool aid they were fed in a secular college, they have kept a very very strong faith. To me – this is the most important of all subjects! Two are nurses, one is a teacher temporarily working at a mission, my oldest has a Ph.D. in engineering, but he chose the path of a missionary currently – believe it or not.

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