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Director of Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch in Ridgewood Resigns

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Ridgewood NJ, the Director of Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch, Wayne Lougheed has abruptly resigned as director of Central Dispatch .

Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch offers emergency dispatching service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week .

According to the site ,”Our emergency dispatching service are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with the local coverage you need, while saving you the hassle of creating and managing your own in-house dispatch. We make a commitment to you through our contracts to provide only exceptional service to both your municipality and the citizens you are held responsible to. Whether you need all of your emergency units covered or just one department, our service is customized to fit exactly what you need and maximize the value of your service. Below are municipalities that we cover.”

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Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch provides services to the following municipalities:

9-1-1 Only:


4 thoughts on “Director of Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch in Ridgewood Resigns

  1. Time for Ramon and Frank to step in and sell the County’s 911 answering service & emergency dispatch service to all of these clients. Too much duplication of resources.

  2. County’s 911 answering service & emergency dispatch service = political patronage jobs for the Dems and more taxes at the county level.

  3. What is going on ridgewood. We told you that morale is down to its lowest level. Why is that, while we have people running in the village that have no business doing so. This is what happens when you put puppets in charge. What a mess.

  4. I directly worked with Wayne for several years. He brought a level of professionalism and innovation to the NWBCD that modernized its technology, security and operations. Jack is now in charge and he’s a great leader as well. They don’t play games and politics unlike many other people in local government agencies. By implementing the highest levels of cybersecurity to meet NIST 800 compliance in a New Jersey 911 Call center, Wayne brought his vision and delivered on it to update the NWBCD. SuperCybex is a cybersecurity and enterprise network services vendor that can help any New Jersey business to achieve or exceed compliance levels such as CMMC Level 3, NIST 800-171, PCI, HIPAA, etc. Other 911 call centers and local government boroughs and police departments should follow this example. Don’t wait for a cyber breach. Increase your budgets for IT security today and break the failed annual bid process that wastes taxes and provides poor results every year. Hire a competent cybersecurity vendor such as SuperCybex and protect your IT infrastructure.

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