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Easy Tips To Make A Great First Impression With A Press Release

When you want to create a buzz or get the word out about your business or whatever else you have in mind, press releases are among the most effective options. There is one challenge that comes with this method, however. There are many other businesses out there using the same method to get the word out about their business. Often, there are too many press releases floating around on various media platforms. Your main job here changes a little bit to not only having a press release but doing it in such a way that attracts the utmost attention. Here are some tips to make sure your brand stands out through a press release.

Make Newsworthy Content 

If you are doing this for the first time you need to know what is found in a news release. A news release contains news that maybe your audience hasn’t heard before or there is something new about something they already know. The most common mistake the people make is running a press release with no actual news to deliver. It is very easy to find an interesting bit of your business that is worth sharing but keep in mind that your audience can easily detect when you are “stretching it.”

Get a Good Headline

You know the people you are targeting with your press release. By now you know how to approach them and make the most out of what you know about them. Therefore, you need to take time and craft a headline that will stir interest in your targeted audience. As explained at, your press release will be more effective if it is edited by experienced professionals. The best thing is that they can also help to make sure that your press release reaches some of the top journalists and social media influencers in the industry.

It’s said that out of ten people only eight will read your headline, and only a handful will read it entirely. This means that if you want your press release to be effective, you need to create catchy but short headlines. That way even those who won’t read the entire headline will have understood what it’s all about. Also, remember to include your keyword in the headline, so they have an idea of what it’s all about.


You don’t need to include complex vocabulary and jargon in your press release to make your point. You also don’t need a long and complicated release to get your idea out to the world. There is nothing as boring as sitting for a whole twenty minutes listening to something that would have been done in five minutes. A great press release is usually short, simple, and easily understood by the audience. Your draft should be easy to read and the idea well relayed. If there is a bit that is left out or one of your audience needs clarification, have a channel that they can reach you through for any questions they might have.

Don’t Make It Look Like the Biggest News Ever

Why are you doing the press release in the first place? You want to make an impression on your audience and give them some info on your business or company. Your main task is to maintain the curiosity of your audience and deliver your ideas then. A press release will have the whole region or even globe on you. If you make people feel like you are giving them the biggest news of their life, they will likely see right through it and even lose interest before you can even start talking about the main agenda of the release. You need to be smart about it and keep it simple. Regardless of what news you have, don’t make it too big as people will tend to ignore it. Maintain simplicity in the content as well as the delivery.

Choose a Good Title and Introduction 

First impressions are incredibly important, and they begin with the title. The title alone will determine if your intended reader will head on to the introduction or leave your piece at that point. To write a great press release, take time, and create a title that describes the contents of your piece, as well as captures the attention of your audience. Once you are done with that bit, focus on your introduction and make it as interesting as possible. Remember to maintain simplicity and create something easily readable and understandable. The introduction should quickly and effectively tell what is in your press release and what is special or important about it.

Timing Matters a Lot

Most press releases are about a specific subject. What is sure about them is that they are either going to try and inform or attract customers to the business making the press release. You must keep in mind that your timing will be a great deal to determine how effective your press release is going to be. The time between when you are giving the press release and the time you intend to act on what you have talked about should be well calculated. If you make the press release too early, people are most likely to have forgotten all about it by the time you are taking action. Don’t make it too late either as it will be old news. You, therefore, need to be smart about your timing.

Follow Up ASAP

Once your press release is out there, you will notice an increase in interest. Your actions here determine a lot. You need to follow up with the journalists running your story. This way, if there are any questions or any extra information required, you will be in a position to provide. Be keen on social channels to note customers coming your way as well as other journalists looking to share your news. This will eventually circulate the word and stretch out to interested people far and wide.

Press releases are very effective in getting information about your business out there to the world. You, therefore, need to take time and draft something that will do the trick for you. The secret behind press releases is making yours simple short and to the point. Heed to the tips in this piece for better results.


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