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UPDATE: Fatal Hit and Run Investigation in Paramus

The suspect vehicle has been located and an arrest has been made

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, the Bergen County Prosecutor and the Paramus Police department are requesting the public’s help in any information regarding a fatal hit and run collision .

At approximately 6;31 am on September 3rd the Paramus Police received a report that a pedestrian had been struck by a motor vehicle  on Forrest Road South of Soldier hill Road . Upon arrival officers observed the victim a 58 year old female on the edge of the road way with serious injuries she was transported to Hackensack Medical Center where she was pronounced deceased .

Surveillance footage recoverd form the area indicates the victim was struck by a white 4 door hatchback  believed to be a 2017-2019 Ford Fiesta or Ford Focus  . The vehicle was last seen fleeing southbound on Forrest Avenue before turning

westbound on Oradell Avenue .

Anyone with any information  regarding this hit and run please contact the Paramus Police at (201) 262-3400  or the Bergen county Prosecutors Office fatal Accident Unit at (201)226-5595 .






5 thoughts on “UPDATE: Fatal Hit and Run Investigation in Paramus

  1. How low can you get? Hit someone and leave them to die on the side of a road. Now the family and friends of this lady will never know if she could have survived had medical treatment come sooner. People are driving like morons these days. It’s like they forgot to drive in 3 months or they just are way too wired.

  2. Another Saturday and another protest in the Village. Rumor has it the police overtime bill is nearing $40,000k if not more. So it looks like whether or not you support the BLM agenda, you will be paying for it in your tax bill.

    In an ironic twist, the “Defund the Police” movement has actually created quite the opposite scenario, where these protests have actually funded the police by the tune of 40k more.

  3. Was she walking on the side of the road…?

    Was she biking…?

  4. This money is coming out of the overtime budget, we would like to know how much money is in the overtime budget. We know a few years ago it was about 400,000, if those numbers are true. Truly ridiculous. You got to be crazy if you would want to become a cop today. These cops got a lot on their plate. No wonder so many are retiring.

  5. Yes, the money is coming from the overtime budget, but remember that this overtime budget is an amount that is estimate for the year based upon recent yearly trends. These BLM marches are not something that was foreseen, so this additional “it’s my right to march” money will have to be accounted for in the way of increased taxes or cuts to other services.

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