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“Hate Has No Home Here” , Well Maybe Not

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ,  some of the poorly written printable disgusting  comments  posted on the announcement off the President testing positive for COVID and some say “this used to be a great town .”

Local Ridgewood-er   “Wishing POTUS and FLOTUS no recovery”

Anonymous   “I just came for the pro-Trump comments, and they didn’t disappoint. LOL”

Anonymous  “Mr President Sir please heal so that you can resume your carnivalesque reign of cruelty violence and lust and deliver me from this vexing position of having to reconcile my distaste for you personally with my structural commitment to inequality and my servile deference to power!”

Anonymous   “You know he probably wouldn’t have coronavirus if they just tested him less…”

Trump Lover “Is this guy dead yet or what? Let’s move on with our lives. He can still be a racist, selfish asshole from beyond the grave.”

Anonymous  “Cannot stop laughing. At Trump and at these comments.”




5 thoughts on ““Hate Has No Home Here” , Well Maybe Not

  1. 4 more years!!

  2. Woah when did the Republican Party become a bunch of snowflakes am I affiliated with the wrong party? These comments are upsetting you?

    1. nope , just comments from a bunch of scumbags

  3. PJ sounds like the town cuck is at it again

  4. It is a fact that liberalism is a mental disorder.

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