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>Home rule is best

>Home rule is best 

I do like Kathy Donovan but I think there is more to it. As written in North Jersey Media. piece ; according to Little Ferry Borough Administrator Michael Capabianco, the contract offered to Teterboro by County P D is $100,000 a year for three years. We all know a police officer’s salary and benefits in Bergen county far exceed this . So how do you patrol the entire town of Teterboro 24/7 for that amount. I would suspect that the costs are being passed on to each resident in Bergen County through county taxes.

Getting rid of home rule is clearly an attempt to consolidate more power by the County. A more distant County PD will become a far lager bureaucracy and be far less responsive to local needs . Just think how long it will take a Bergen Police Officer to respond to your call for help from where their stationed.

The Cost saving would to disband the County police and supplement local Police departments to pickup the slack to patrol Bergen County property would in my mind realize greater cost savings and  keep policing local where they better understand the local situation.


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