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How New FHA Rules Affects Buyers AND Sellers


How New FHA Rules Affects Buyers AND Sellers
Michael Fidanza
The Nuber Team
Keller Williams Village Square Realty
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Here is how the new rules affect home buyers and those looking to refinance their homes. However, these changes also impact possible home sellers.

FHA buyers tend to be searching for more entry-level homes. Owners of these homes may see potential buyers dry up because the cost of obtaining mortgages is getting more costly.

Currently, we are in the middle of a robust seller’s market – one where well-priced sellers are receiving multiple offers for their homes. This is because the cost of home ownership is still low. The new FHA rules could take out an entire tier of home shoppers and selling a home in this market could shift again.

The solution? Don’t be a victim of the FHA or the Federal Reserve policies! If you are looking for an opportune time to list your home, this is an attractive time and shouldn’t be ignored.

Maybe it’s time to have a conversation with a real estate professional for some common sense solutions in this uncertain market?

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