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How Ridgewood Lost its Way

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Village resident Steve Kim posted a summary of how the Central Business District  lost much of its character and how Ridgewood taxpayers will get stuck with the bill .  The poorly planned high density housing  will lead to large increases in property taxes to cover water, sewage , public safety, storm water  , roads, and schools.

Kim said in his post , “The push for tone of “civility” and “unity” in Ridgewood was initiated by none other than the former Mayor Ahronson. He and two other then members of the Council formed a unified voting block that allowed the local developers to take a flawed ordinance (Ordinance 3066, passed by the former Mayor Pfund and colleagues in 2007 and repealed in 2017) to an unimagined use to push for high density housing beyond what the master plan (now revised) had intended. Many rational steps and checks were skipped in the process.

If you need a reminder of the end result, drive around downtown. More of what you see is possible if we aren’t attentive, and the existing residents most likely will get the short end of the deal in terms of quality of life and economics.

Tone policing is not democracy. It’s a weapon against democracy since the objective is to suppress facts and obfuscate truths. Democracy is about debating, disagreeing, and disrupting, and ultimately getting the core of issues. Democracy is about embracing differences. It’s messy and annoying, but there is no better alternative.
Let’s see past the tone management and the usual rhetoric and focus on issues and facts. Onus is on us as voters to do so, or we may get a repeat or rhyme of what led us to the misfit high density buildings downtown.”

12 thoughts on “How Ridgewood Lost its Way

  1. The second photo speaks three important words: “VOTE FOR HOOBAN!”

  2. A vote for Vagianos is a vote to take a step back into the lunacy of this era. Hooban is the one we need.

  3. The picture of Vagianos is all you need to know about his candidacy. He’s an amigo wannabe.

  4. This was Aronsohn’s attempt to make RW affordable for voters aligned with his preferences.

    I saw Gwen at the bird store the other day. Humility is a virtue.

  5. A picture is worth 1000 words. Vote Hooban!

  6. Hooban is no better than Vagianos

  7. Oh My God. This photo. Not voting for Vagianos. No Way. No how.

    Voting for HOOBAN! She is a real person, not a puppet.

  8. The pink outfit says it all for me. Dress for success.

  9. Paul is resume building for Bergen County Democrats. It’s a power move. A shame.

  10. I’m sorry, I know its petty of me, but a pink suit? But. Just. No. Good lord, this isn’t Marco Island, it’s NJ.

  11. who was Gwen sleeping with in the picture? we know not her husband LOL

  12. I don’t like pink underwear

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