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Is Nude Pickleball Coming to Ridgewood ?


the staff of the Ridgewood

Ridgewood NJ, is nude pickleball coming to Ridgewood ? According to Pickler Pickleball, Nude pickleball is taking off (pun intended). Clothing-optional resorts across the country are advertising their pickleball facilities, holding pickleball tournaments, and putting in more pickleball courts to meet the demand. Learn more on the increased demand for nude pickleball.

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Mike Sullivan is a USA Pickleball ambassador and a resident of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida. says ,“Pickleball is the biggest sport here by five times,”

5 thoughts on “Is Nude Pickleball Coming to Ridgewood ?

  1. I hope so. That would be interesting.

  2. But why?

  3. Woohoo

  4. Yeah the police playing the fire department in the nude.

    And the names of the teams are called the nightsticks, against the Fire hose,ha.ha,ha, pretty good A’

  5. That’s funny. Love it.

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