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A Whole Lotta Nothing: Kenneth Gabbert will remain village manager in Ridgewood


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A Whole Lotta Nothing: Kenneth Gabbert will remain village manager in Ridgewood
Thursday February 7, 2013, 1:28 PM
The Record

RIDGEWOOD — Kenneth Gabbert will remain the village manager for at least the next few months, according to a statement from Mayor Paul Aronsohn.

The statement — composed by the entire council — says that the governing body “has agreed to work toward a common goal and is establishing an evaluation process for the village manager and will closely monitor it over the next few months.”

Earlier this week, administration sources contended the embattled village manager would be asked Wednesday night by a contingent of three council members to resign.

It is not clear if Gabbert was actually asked to step down during the closed session.

10 thoughts on “A Whole Lotta Nothing: Kenneth Gabbert will remain village manager in Ridgewood

  1. The most positive thing we have heard in a week. Maybe they all needed a closed door brawl to get to the business at hand. I’m hoping Ridgewood will be the beneficiary of a gentler, wiser council.

  2. Hope spring eternal but I don’t think so.

  3. I find this troubling. How can things go from “Gabbert being asked to step resign” to “Gabbert monitoring an evaluation process over the next few months”? How can he possibly evaluate himself? Isn’t that what the Village Council should be doing? The management of the Village has serious problems. The bottom line is that Gabbert has to accept responsibility for that. He runs the day to day operations in Village, not the Village Council.

  4. Boyd, they still won’t listen to you.

  5. It sounds like the lawyers, both gabberts, and the village, told the council. With no documented complaints( bad evaluations) if you fire the good dr. gabbert you leave yourself wide open for a wrongful termination suit. I would venture a guess that’s why the evaluation process is being developed. Recently the village hasn’t fared to well when it comes to personnell issues, fireman reilly, and fireman,albano come to mind. My question is how long will the viilage have to put up with this goon(gabbert) before the council can get rid of him?

  6. The Village Council is contemplating an evaluation process for Gabbert. But, the Financial Advisory Committee Report recommended establishing a “metrics-based” management system for ALL employees and layer out a simple method to begin that process, without reinventing the wheel, over a month ago. Why isn’t the Village Council moving more quickly to adopt these common sense recommendations that should have been implemented years ago? Since the report was presented over a month ago, the Council has not even mentioned it publicly, let alone outlined a process to evaluate and adopt its recommendations. I was shocked to learn of the fiscal challenges facing Ridgewood. Yet, many residents seem more concerned with political sideshows in town than the solvency of Ridgewood and the ability of its taxpayers to afford its la k of spending discipline. Was the committee a political stunt or can we expect real change to our village management process? What is going on Village Council members????

  7. In a civil service town all evaluation systems must be okayed by the “dop” how long will that take? The village attorney should have known this before anyone started shootin their mouths off about firing this guy. I guess the village guy (lawyer)isn’t so sharp.

  8. #7, from what I recall, did not identify the source of the information that Gabbert would be asked to resign, and it was not the Village Council or the Village Attorney “shooting their mouths off”. You should do some homework before making statements like this. I do not think that Gabbert is employed under civil service rules and believe that he can be fired by the Village Council at any time. I am sure that the Village Labor Attorney (different from the Village Attorney) understands the applicable laws.

  9. Based on the last 2 outcomes in court from personnell issues fireman reilly’s lawsiut and lt albanos appeal to civil service which he won and the village has to pay him back wages for the promotion he was passed over for. and dr. gabbert said he was unaware that albano was a vetran. This would lead a reasonable person to belive our legal advisors aren’t on top of things. Whether or not dr gabbert is hired under civil service there is still a process for his ouster,

  10. To # 8 did my homework as u suggested nothing different sources were this blog and the patch, I read the ordinance regarding the manager. Which leaves me with a question if dr.gabbert is not hired under civil service, How come according to the patch was he issued a rice notice?

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