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Mayor Aronsohn and Transparency

Mayor Aronsohn and Transparency
Mayor Aronsohn has called for a Special Public Meeting  this Friday, Nov 16 at 8:30 A.M
November 15,2012
5:59 PM

It seems that Mayor Aronsohn has called for a Special Public Meeting  this Friday, Nov 16 at 8:30 A.M. Yes 8:30 A.M. this meeting will not be televised or video recorded for review by the public at a later day. Mayor Aronsohn has called for greater transparency in government during his recent campaign  and during his tenure as Councilman always rejected the idea that meeting should start early as residence could not attend  because they didn’t get home from work.  So Mayor Aronsohn this your interpretation of transparency. A meeting at 8:30 A.M.  when most resident are on their way to work or taking the kids to school. A meeting that is nether televised or video recorded.  The following are the agenda items to be discussed or introduced.

A. Narrow band Radio Purchases

B. Hurricane Sand emergency Appropriations


a. Bond Ordinance – General Capital    ($3,811,741 )

b. Bond Ordinance – Water Utility Capital Improvement (  $ 1,900,00)

c. Bond Ordnance – Parking Utility  ($ 32,900)

Residents should also pay close attention to what is on the closed session.

11 thoughts on “Mayor Aronsohn and Transparency

  1. Yawn….this blogs obvious bias really has no bounds!

  2. I wonder, F Williams…does The Ridgewood News have no bias? This is a blog and if the author chooses to make people aware of a VC meeting that is taking place out of the norm, isn’t that a public service?

  3. Yes Mr. Williams what about Paul’s Patch ( aka Th Ridgewood Parch) They are not bias toward our Mayor. Print only good new about him. Please!

  4. #2 & #3…Yes The Ridgewood News and Patch are biased. Even you have a bias, although I doubt you would admit that. The difference is your bias and the bias of The Ridgewood News and Patch is not so obvious and blatant.

  5. Yes with their bias you believe The Ridgewood New& Patch reports the new responsibly. There is a difference. I doubt you would admit that. Local news agency’s should not be in the back pocket of politicians.

  6. Just like this blog was in the back pocket of Killion and is still in the back pocket of Council jerk Riche.

  7. Now your bias is showing. I knew you would show your true colors resorting to name calling. No wounder you are in the Mayor’s camp. Just like a liberal Dem. If people don’t agree with you go on the attack.

  8. Saying what Riche actually is (a jerk) is not name calling. Name calling would be if I called you a complete asshole without knowing anything about you… that would be name calling

  9. You are a very angry person F Williams. Who is bias now you hypocrite.

  10. I am not at all angry. But if I were someone who supported Riche I would be embarrassed, like you most likely are…….

  11. I miss Pat Mancuso!!! Aronsohn is an embarassment. And whatever F. Williams has against Riche and Killian really does show his colors, yellow.

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