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Meet CD9 Republican Candidate Billy Prempeh

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Paterson NJ, The 9th district is represented by Democrat Bill Pascrell, who resides in Paterson. Congressman Pascrell was first elected to Congress in 1996 from the old 8th district, defeating incumbent William J. Martini. The redistricting resulted in Pascrell’s hometown of Paterson being added to the 9th district, which had been represented by Steve Rothman, a fellow Democrat who like Pascrell entered Congress by winning a seat in the 1996 federal election. Both incumbents declared their intentions to run for their party’s nomination for the seat, which Pascrell won. Pascrell defeated Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, the Republican nominee, in the general election.

CD9 Republican Candidate Billy Prempeh was also born in Paterson, New Jersey. He served in the United States Air Force from 2009 to 2011. Prempeh received an associate degree from the Community College of the Air Force in 2010. His professional experience includes working in marketing and sales.

“From the time I was 12 I’ve always been intrigued by politics and how the world works. Despite my fascination. Never in a million years did I expect to become one.
If you told me when I was 15 that I would challenge Bill Pascrell for his congressional seat I’d laugh.
This process has been eye opening and insightful. I’ve learned many things and have met thousands of incredible people from all over the world.
I’ve also learned who my TRUE friends are. Everyone says they love you until it’s time to put in work. It’s incredible, the amount of people that I had in my life that I would gladly take a bullet for, that were quick to turn their backs on me and out cast me for speaking my political beliefs.
Hypocrites. All of them.
Nonetheless, standing up for what I believe in has given me nothing but blessings and has put me on the path that God has laid out before me.
The dead weight and negativity has been permanently eradicated from my life and the only people in my circle are passionate, dedicated, hardcore individuals that cherish justice, peace and love our country as much as I do!
We have a lot of work ahead of us. Regardless, I know it will be worth it all in the end!
Thank you for showing me love!
Thank you for praying for me!
Thank you for supporting me!
And most importantly…
Thank you for BELIEVING in me!
I love you! God bless!”

6 thoughts on “Meet CD9 Republican Candidate Billy Prempeh

  1. I think Pascrell died in 2004. Better check this out.

  2. Dead people can vote as well as get elected and no he is alive and well

  3. How do you only serve in the military for 2 years? And during those 2 years, you not only work but earn your associates degree? Is this information reported correctly?

  4. Medical discharge ?

  5. Very interesting

  6. Just saw Billy Prempeh at the Blexit gathering at The White House and he is a breath of fresh air for New Jersey representation. We all need to retire the relic career politicians in Congress and vote in fresh ideas and individuals.

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