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More Details : Ridgewood fire official has legal fees reimbursed

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More Details : Ridgewood fire official has legal fees reimbursed
Thursday March 28, 2013, 3:33 PM
The Ridgewood News

The appeal included letters from the current and former fire chiefs, which were favorable toward DuFloucq and Albano, as well as a note from DuFloucq.

DuFloucq’s letter, according to the ruling, stated that he was not brought in for a second interview “but rather was offered the second vacancy when he was called into the village manager’s office during the week of July 18.”

The commission found that Gabbert made the promotions without proper reasoning for two separate dates. Both promotions should have the same appointment date of June 27, 2011, according to the report.

The promotions were also made despite regulations set forth in the New Jersey Administrative Code, specifically rules regarding preference to veterans if no other candidate was ranked ahead, the ruling said. Had DuFloucq earned the first promotion, Albano would have been next in line and would have been the preferred selection, based on his veteran status, for the second vacancy. But since Kozielski was promoted ahead of DuFloucq, Albano was never the first on the list.

“It appears that DuFloucq’s later appointment date was aimed at circumventing the Civil Service rules governing veteran’s preference. In this regard, as a result of the determination that both appointees should have the same appointment date, [Albano] was improperly bypassed,” the ruling stated.

8 thoughts on “More Details : Ridgewood fire official has legal fees reimbursed

  1. can u say a mess/. this is what happens when you have top people that don’t care about civil service law.

  2. Gabbert used the power of his position to retaliate against a subordinate and got caught and the taxpayers get to pay for this crap. Why is he still employed? Gabbert has caused more probls then he has solved. Village council are you listening. FIRE him already.

  3. So Gabberts screw up costs us 4 times
    1) We pay to defend his stupidity in court
    2) We have to give back pay to Albano, meaning we paid for 3 captains but only had 2
    3) We have to pay Albano’s legal fees due to Gabbert’s idiocy
    4) Kozielski has option to retire right now, at a higher rate since he’s officially a captain,

  4. Is this the same guy that got that very large raise a few years ago?

  5. #3, Gabbert didn’t screw up. As I read the documents about this it occurred to me that either Gabert is incompetent because he does not know his job and civil service procedures or he knew civil service laws and thought he could manipulate the system. I think he tired to manipulate the system.

    I find it interesting that Riche didn’t have the spine to vote on this issue. What’s he hiding? Did he have something to do with this like encourage Gabbert to pass Albano? Something smells very fishy here……..

  6. #4, yep the very same guy who was suppose to be so knowledgeable.
    Kinda makes ya wonder don’t it?

  7. Dr. Gabbert?????? Are you kidding me????

  8. Riche has tried(but failed) to cover for Gabbert more than once. You would think he would be smart enough to realize Gabbert is not worth defending but apparently he ain’t that smart.

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