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NEMO: A Whole lot of Hype?

NEMO: A Whole lot of Hype?
February 9th 2012
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, So do you think , where all the precautions justified or was it a whole lot of hype from both the media and government ? Let us know by commenting below.

9 thoughts on “NEMO: A Whole lot of Hype?

  1. Nothing to it. Another snow job.

  2. it could’ve been worse but 12 to 14 inches is’nt all that bad the village has seen worse.

  3. Feeling a little parochial, #1?

    Let’s ask the people of Milford CT, who are digging out from under 38″ of snow.

  4. give me a break , because it snowed two feet in Boston , NJT has to shut down…pathetic

  5. the stupid news is covering this snow storm the whole day must be a slow news cycle

  6. sorry very silly , just a bit of snow , the News will do anything to avoid talking about something substantive

  7. its Bush’s fault

  8. We got 24.5″….that’s a lot of Snow James. Cleanup was quick though. I spent 5 hours on small place.

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