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New Jersey Transit Police Apprehend Man Wanted for Homicide on Jersey City Light Rail

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Jersey City NJ, New Jersey Transit Police apprehend man wanted for homicide, credit counter terrorism and crime suppression unit⁣.

The New Jersey Transit Police Counter Terrorism Crime Suppression Task Unit (CTCS TU) consists of officers from the Anti-Crime Unit and Patrol Division. Earlier this month, the CTCS TU officers were assigned to a detail at 2nd Street Station in Jersey City. While there, they met a subject who had been riding on board a light rail vehicle. The subject had not purchased a valid light rail ticket and was detained for theft of service. A record check revealed multiple warrants including a warrant for homicide out of Hudson County. The subject was also in violation of a pretrial release and was safely placed under arrest.⁣
Our CTCS TU Officers continue to observe individuals’ behaviors, detect suspicious activity, and strive to prevent crime. CTCS TU Officers also enforce quality-of-life offenses. In this case, and in all cases, the goal is to protect you and our system.
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