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New Korean BBQ Coming to Ridgewood

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Ridgewood NJ, Ridgewood is about to get a taste of a new Korean BBQ restaurant, Kimchi Smoke Fatcho Shack . That’s Kimchi Smoke for short. The Korean BBQ expects to open mid-June at 2 Godwin Avenue .

Chef and Owner Robert Austin Cho first opened Kimchi Smoke Barbecue in Westwood. The restaurant has received several honors, including’s “Best of Bergen” for Korean restaurants in 2020. The restaurant was also a finalist in the best barbecue category, while its Austin Cho competed for the county’s best signature sandwich.

Cho called Ridgewood,  “a great foodie town,”  The Ridgewood Kimchi Smoke Fatcho Shack will offer the same brisket, smoked ribs and crunchy chicken sandwiches offered at the Westwood restaurant and  Cho is adding pastrami . The restaurant seats 15 people and will make takeout readily available.

9 thoughts on “New Korean BBQ Coming to Ridgewood

  1. Give me Carolina or Texas BBQ any day !

    1. Y’all shouldn’t knock until you tried it!

      1. Thanks for knowing whether or not I have tried it.
        You are so, so smart

  2. Ridgewood has a huge Korean population so this is going to be a slam dunk!

  3. We need a real good Jewish deli in town, so I can get a real sandwich.

    1. This times 1000 !!!!!

    2. A good Jewish deli would be awesome, along with a bakery. Surprised there isn’t already one with so many Jews in Ridgewood.

      1. Ho-Ho-Kus Bakery is as good as it gets. Have you tried them?

        And it Kosher Nosh in Glen Rock too far for you or do you not like their food? Most people rave about their sandwiches.

  4. He’s the real deal, this is not your mama’s Korean barbecue.

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