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Glen Rock Senior Falls Prey to “Grandparent” Scam

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Glen Rock NJ, according to the Glen Rock Police at 4:33 PM ,the adult son of a Glen Rock woman contacted police reporting that his mother had been the victim of a “grandparent” scam. Upon interviewing the woman, she recounted receiving a phone call from an individual stating that her grandchild was in jail and needed money for bail. The victim subsequently withdrew $ 9,800 from the bank and a man showed up at her home to collect the money.

Later in the day she received another call stating that they needed more money and would return to pick it up. It was at this juncture that she contacted her son who called police. The actor did not return to the home. The Detective Bureau is currently investigating.

6 thoughts on “Glen Rock Senior Falls Prey to “Grandparent” Scam

  1. Theres a special place in hell for those who prey upon vulnerable senior citizens

    1. what sort of dirtbag would vote a thumbs down on that comment.
      are you also a criminal that can’t stand up to someone your own size

  2. Yup, they almost got my father. An alert bank teller helped stop the transaction.

  3. Life in prison, no parole for the disgusting creatures that prey on the elderly.

  4. My grandmother fell for this, scammers called and pretended to be my brother in jail in Canada. And she believed them. But she was very protective of her money and she yelled at the scammer: “don’t bother me with this nonsense, go call your father.” We found out because she later asked my dad if he decided to post his bail in Canada and to say she yelled at him for being careless and wondered if my Dad did the same. So scammer did not get money just Grandma yelling at them for being an idiot.

  5. It’s amazing what people try to do to make money.

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