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PARCC Refuseniks Win Major Court Victory


the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, a New Jersey Appellate court has handed the PARCC Refuseniks a major victory . New Jersey’s Department of Education rules that force students to pass PARCC tests before graduating from high school has been declared invalid.

A panel of state appellate court judges on Monday struck down the requirement that students must pass state exams in Algebra I and 10th grade English, saying that the rules put into place in 2016, don’t match a state law that requires students to pass just a single test in 11th grade in order to graduate.

The ruling will not take effect for 30 days, giving the state Department of Education time to appeal to the state Supreme Court if it wants, the judges wrote. If the decision holds, though, it will allow students to graduate without having passed the controversial and unpopular exams.

According to anti PARCC activist Carolee Adams the, “Set aside by the courts, and not by the Governor’s pre-election statement that he would “End PARCC Day One”, we still await a possible appeal from the NJDOE. If the Governor will now claim it his victory, that he might, he could still help by reining in his Secretary of Education to dismiss any appeal. What a terrible waste of precious time, money, and education this has caused. “

 She also thanked the” Education Law Center and all of us who continued to fight this abominable, uber-expensive test that disrespected parental rights, ignored common sense, and dumbed down the education of New Jersey’s student . “