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Be Very Careful with the Overzealous Criticism of the Current Village Council

jeff voigt

March 11,2018

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, Jeff Voigt continues to attempt to undermine his council mates by promoting long shot candidate Alexndra Harwin , Harwin has just kicked off her campaign with a series of coffees attended by the usually suspects . Critics have called Harwin and Aronsohn puppet because she has the full support of Aronsohn, Pucciarelli “the only man in Ridgewood” with a full time job  and Hauck ,aka the 3 amigos , Rurik Halaby, and former Village manager “breath of fresh air” Roberta Sonenfeld .

While overzealous criticism of the current village council has been notable of late on the Ridgewood blog , once again I will remind you with the exception of Jeff Voigt who has been busy digging his own grave ,these are the same group of people that most notable pushed high density housing which many say will destroy the very character of the Village of Ridgewood , they also pushed for the ridiculous Valley Expansion that would have a density equal to the former world trade center site in New York City  , they made a total mess with the “traffic easing ” under the railroad trestle  cutting the west side of town off from the central business district ,forced Graydon to build an ADA ramp that gets slippery when wet,   the high density housing is now forcing tax payers to foot the bill for the Hudson Street parking garage, oh and lest we not forget the topic of the day the worst business deal  in the history of Ridgewood ,the HealthBarn lease , which put a private business in the middle of a public park at far below market rate rent and forced tax payers to subsidize that business .

These people are force behind Alexndra Harwin, who seems to be running on a platform of putting a gay or rainbow flag in everyone’s front yard .  Which brings up a whole new set off issues ; first because of the antics of the Harwin ‘s friends at the Community Relations Advisory Board of Ridgewood and Glen Rock  a group dedicated to race baiting , virtue signaling social media shaming , the Village in the near future may have to deal with the American Nazi party wanting to post a flag in town and because of the action of a few along with former Bergen Record editor Alfred Doblin who even used a child’s suicide to push his bigoted agenda may be forced to comply .  Worse yet  the rainbow flag forced on the Village is an incorrect rainbow flag and consider a “White Only” rainbow flag akin to flying the Confederate flag which  excludes  people of color.

On June 16th 2017 the Ridgewood blog reported , “Philadelphia is redefining the LGBT pride flag. The city has a launched a new campaign, “More Color More Pride,” adding one black and one brown stripe to the traditional six colored rainbow. The new design will be, from top to bottom: black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

“The black and brown stripes are an inclusionary way to highlight black and brown LGBTQIA members within our community,” said one source involved with the flag-raising event who asked not to be named. “With all of the black and brown activism that’s worked to address racism in the Gayborhood over the past year, I think the new flag is a great step for the city to show the world that they’re working toward fully supporting all members of our community.”

A spokesperson for the event would not confirm the new design, but in a statement described the flag reveal as “a special, can’t-be-missed unveiling and raising of a brand-new Pride flag which promises to be a step toward inclusivity, to spur dialogue within the community, and to impact the worldwide conversation.”

Lookin for input from the LGBTQ Black and Brown community. Will be inttoduced at Philly Pride this year.In 1978, artist Gilbert Baker designed the original rainbow flag. An iconic symbol of LGBTQ+ unity. So much has happened since then. A lot of good, but there’s more we can do. Especially when it comes to recognizing people of color in the LGBTQ+ community. To fuel this important conversation, we’ve expanded the colors of the flag to include black and brown. It may seem like a small step. But together we can make big strides toward a truly inclusive community. (Black Lives Matter Hudson Valley) “

While in other matters we see constant complaints about the conditions of the roads in Ridgewood , perhaps it would be better to check with PSEG as to when their major upgrade of infrastructure will be done . Oh that’s right you can’t because of former Mayor Aronsohn criticism of PSEG during hurricane Sandy . At one point Village Hall electricity was mysteriously cut and in one of the most foolish attempts to play the blame game in modern history , the former mayor not only put his foot in his mouth but coupled with the errant law suit over utility poles put Ridgewood on PSE&G’s  perpetual sh$t list . This left the current mayor to do damage control and work diligently to repair that very damaged relationship, which she has done a great job.







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Reader says Anyone pointing fingers at past Councils about conflicts of interest is clearly trying to divert attention away from the several conflicts with the current Council

3 amigos in action Ridgewood NJ

Anyone pointing fingers at past Councils about conflicts of interest is clearly trying to divert attention away from the several conflicts with the current Council. Mr. Killion is long gone folks. We have several critical issues before this Council and the 3 majority members all seem to have cozy relationships with the parties that have a lot to gain from their “YES” vote. Money has already changed hands from Mr. Saraceno to our Council majority in the form of $1,000 fundraiser tickets for them and their dates. Mr. Pucciarelli and Mrs. Hauck have clear conflicts on the Valley Hospital lawsuit.

Apologists for the Council majority cry “old news” when these conflicts come up yet they point fingers at past Councils as a convenient way to deflect any blame that comes their way.