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Reader :crossing guards are not allowed to direct traffic

ridgewood crossing guards

file photo by Boyd Loving

As the first individual stated, crossing guards are not allowed to direct traffic. And sure, it is frustrating to be a guard and see traffic piling up and you are not allowed to direct it. Imagine if the guard directed a car and another car started to go and hit the first car. An insurance nightmare! The Police in Ridgewood are gradually being allowed to build up their department which will then free up a guard or two for traffic control near the schools. However, as the above poster noted, when the police are there, traffic behaves so well. But the very next day, the wild men take over the wheels. Hire auxiliary people trained in directing traffic to aid the crossing guards–one for cars, one for students? That would be cheaper than assigning police to every dangerous crosswalk. (Many are very safe locations and many are not.) But, again, it would probably be an insurance nightmare. Wouldn’t it be nice if all drivers were willing to recognize that other drivers also had a right to the road; that most of the cars dropping off at schools are parents who have to get to work at the same time that you do, etc.etc. What ever happened to common courtesy and treating others as you wished to be treated?