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Young Actress Writes Book To Help Others Deal With Chronic Illness

Chloe R

Pcd Has Nothing on Me! Paperback – March 28, 2016 by Chloe Fernandez

August 13,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood N J, Getting sick when you’re a kid is no fun. You can’t always do what other kids can do, or go to school like they do. Sometimes it means spending lots of time in the hospital. She sees the nurses in the hospital almost more than her friends. It can be scary, frustrating and boring. Chloe R Fernandez knows this all too well! When she was just six years old, she was diagnosed with chronic obstructive lung disease due to underlying Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD).

11219103 943205095793353 6506848358282491959 nPCD is a genetic disorder. A body with PCD can’t clear its own airway secretions. She’s faced many scary moments when she couldn’t draw a breath and has endured painful and embarrassing treatments. But throughout it all, Chloe has remained positive and upbeat. During her hospitalizations Chloe befriends the nurses, doctors, staff and acts as the “Resident” doctor on call. One of her strongest beliefs is that “life is what you make it,” and her most avid advice is “stay faithful always.” Children of all ages, grappling with any kind of illness or condition, will find both an understanding and comfortable friend in Chloe.

“PCD Has Nothing On Me,” is a 47-page illustrated book, chronicles Chloe’s three-year journey through diagnosis, treatment, and hospitalizations.

Chloe is a vivacious 9 year old who is smart, sassy, kind, caring, loving, a charmer and fashionista. She is an avid reader and writer who has traveled the world via all the books she has read to date. Playing with her American Girl dolls, dress up with her friends and time spent with her family are all her favorite things to do. Chloe has a miniature schnauzer named Abby who she says melts her heart every time she looks at her.

Chloe was diagnosed with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia at the age of 6. PCD is a rare form of lung disease. Chloe has faced many scary moments when she couldn’t draw a breath and has endured many painful and embarrassing treatments. But through it all, Chloe has remained positive and upbeat.

Chloe hopes that in sharing her story she can bring awareness to PCD, but also be an inspiration for other kids living and dealing with chronic illness. She wants them to know they too can achieve anything they set their mind to. Chloe is a firm believer that her challenges don’t define her. She is often quoted as saying, “PCD is what I have not who I am.”

Chloe is a working actress, aspiring singer, and is signed to bmg Models & Talent. She is currently working on her second book.

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Ridgewood girl’s wish comes true

cloe make a wish


When discussing her hobbies, 8-year-old Chloe Fernandez appears no different from any other girl her age, but she has already accomplished more than some people do in a lifetime.

With the help of Make-A-Wish and the Macy’s Believe Campaign this holiday season, she is a published author who just had her first book preview.

The precocious 8-year-old loves being active. She plays dress-up and often pretends to be Rowan Blanchard from Disney Channel’s “Girl Meets World,” putting on a show in the living room for her dolls. She rides her scooter around the house, even though it “drives Mom crazy,” she said. She also swims and plays the piano and harmonica.

But when Chloe swims, she can only go to the pools at HackensackUMC Fitness & Wellness Center in Maywood because they contain filtered salt water as opposed to chlorine. And Chloe attends harmonica lessons at Holy Name Hospital in Teaneck; she took up the activity because it’s been proven to help lung function.

Suddenly, the normal 8-year-old image is skewed. Chloe is afflicted with a rare genetic condition called primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD), a disease that attacks the cilia or “the natural hairlike extensions on the mucus membrane that help us clear our secretions,” according to Dr. Donna Lee, Chloe’s pulmonologist at Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital at HackensackUMC.