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Paris Attacks a Reminder that we are at War with Radicalized Islam

November 15,2015
PJ Blogger and the Staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, seeing the images of Friday nights Paris attack were a sad reminder of all the people I knew who were murdered on 9/11 .It is
so long after that day it still astonishes me that I can go to the 9/11 memorial and see all those names of people that I recognize and used to have daily interactions with .

What also has remained the same is the self doubt and blame game ,some would suggest cowardise that our political leadership continues to engage in ,instead of dealing with the threat of Nihilistic Islamic Extremism . While the names may have changed , ISIS, al Quada and so on the ugly reality as demonstrated over and over is that these “people” ,are sworn to destroy western society and all it values of freedom and individualism . They want to kill you ,yes YOU living in Ridgewood and your family ,end of the story and they will do anything to achieve their means.

And NO this dose not mean all Muslims are terrorist , but alas many are . Like World War 2 , all Germans were not Nazi’s we just concentrated on the ones that were.

While western politicians acted more like self indulgent children blaming Bush,western culture, the USA, a CIA conspiracy , an inside job, global warming and a litany of other non causes all the while attempting to placate a philosophy  that like the NAZI’s and Communism ,is dead set on destroying  western society.
These continued wrong headed excuses have amounted to nothing more than pure cowardice and have encouraged our enemy at every step.

So here we are 14 years later and we are still dealing with the same but a much stronger enemy and the same issues despite giving up an significant level of personal freedom .

This weekends Paris attacks have led once again to the media spin machine launching the we deserve it , you asked for it,its your fault “because you eat bacon” campaign all the while looking to again curtail more of our personal freedoms .

Am I the only one to notice that the President seems to utterly clueless about what our enemies are up to but , yet the NSA and IRS as well as local police are spying on virtually every activity an American citizen can undertake ? And the current administration as well as most of the Democrat party along with their media allies are still referring to utterly FAUX climate change as the greatest security threat to our nation? Really , I didn’t see much climate change in Paris on Friday night .

While Americans who question our government’s behavior have become the focus of suspicion , others engaging in irresponsible behavior like “the clock maker” , or banning certain activities because they might to offensive are celebrated ,while all forms of American culture are constantly being denigrated .

If “innocents” are killed on a battle field , the US grovels and apologizes, yet our enemies,  have slaves ,take child brides, think of women as property , decapitate women and children , cook children ,murder gays,  murder all non believers, destroy ancient artifacts  and places of worship  and its all in a days work.

As any parent knows continuing to tolerate bad behavior only invites more of it .Meanwhile has our president ever asked the jihadist in the Mideast to put down their guns and stop clinging to their religion like he told so many Americans ?
Its time to face facts, we are at war with “Radicalized Islam ” and we need to start acting like it.