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Ridgewood Doctor Presses the Village Council on the Harsh Realities of Airborne Carcinogens Near the Schedler Property

Schedler Park

December 7,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, at last night council meet Dr. Salvin Santino made a compelling case during public comment  that Dr. Santino said he was flabbergasted that the Village was still considering  sports fields at the Schedler Property. The Dr. went on to say that is it “medically wrong”  to have children exercise in an area with close proximity to a very trafficked high way .

Dr. Santino went on to share the science data that led to his statement . “Pollutions comes in many different forms . Most pollution we talk about is small particle carbon dioxide but there are other kinds of pollution ie large particle pollution generated from cars and trucks” in exhaust, with diesel fumes being among the most carcinogenic   . The Doctor then referred to the brake down of rubber from car tires, and the release of carcinogens when brakes on cars are applied.

Exercise he said ,”only increases your metabolism  and increases your intake of carcinogens if you are near them”. he went on “Children are even more susceptible to the negative effects of these carcinogens.”

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Employee Charged with stealing $50,000 from Ridgewood Doctor

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May 15,2016
the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, administrative assistant to Ridgewood doctor charged with theft and forgery. Sussan Lopez a 29-year-old Cliffside Park woman was arrested this week on theft and forgery charges stemming from a complaint that she was stealing from her employer, a Ridgewood doctor, the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said Saturday.

In a statement acting Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal Sussan Lopez was arrested on computer related theft, theft by deception and forgery related charges, and authorities allege that she stole more than $50,000 in value from her employer.

An investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office White Collar Crimes Unit and the Ridgewood Police Department, authorities allege that Lopez also fraudulently created an American Express corporate account using the office’s corporate identity to purchase goods and pay for personal services.

The Ridgewood Police Department received the initial complaint from the doctor, who was not identified at this time by Grewal, in late March. On May 11, a warrant was issued for Lopez’s arrest, and on May 12 she was arrested at her home in Cliffside Park.

Lopez was remanded to the Bergen County jail in lieu of bail set at $35,000, authorities said. She is scheduled to appear in Bergen County Municipal court on May 27 at 9:30 a.m.