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Who was “Aunt Jemima”

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, now a little history , known as “Aunt Jemima,”  her real name was Nancy Green and she was a true American success story. She was born a slave in 1834 Montgomery County, KY… and became a wealthy superstar , spokesperson and influencer in the advertising world, as its first living trademark.

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Field Station: Dinosaurs : Meet This Week’s Super Star of Science -“Dino” Don Lessem! Adventurer, Paleontologist, Storyteller and Advisor to Steven Spielberg!

Dino Don, Jurassic Park Official Dinosaur Adviser

Here comes Dino Don – one of the few living people with a dinosaur named after him!

July 28,2017

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Leonia, NJ , This week’s Super Star of Science is “Dino” Don Lessem, the world’s leading popular presenter of dinosaurs– via his movie and theme park collaborations, exhibitions, expeditions, books, and television documentaries. Don will share the stories of his adventures and dinosaur excavations from around the world! From Mongolia, China to the Arctic Circle, Don has explored for dinosaurs and made major discoveries. In Patagonia, he dug up and reconstructed the world’s record-sized plant-eating and meat-eating dinosaurs!

In recognition of his support of paleontology, “Dino” Don had a giant plant-eating dinosaur named after him —Lessemsaurus. “It has a huge belly and a tiny brain, like its namesake,” says Lessem.

Don will also share the story of his experiences as an advisor to Steven Spielberg on the film Jurassic Park, to Universal Studios for its Jurassic Park ride and to Walt Disney Productions for its Animal Kingdom Dinoland attraction and Dinosaurs film.

In addition to his more than 50 books for adults and children ,“Dino” Don has answered more than 11,000 letters to his “Ask Dino Don” column in Highlights Magazine, the nation’s largest-circulation children’s magazine. He’s hosted and written NOVA and Discovery Channel documentaries and his pioneering Microsoft CD,Dinosaurs sold 1 million copies.

“Dino” Don will be wowing the crowds at Field Station: Dinosaurs this Saturday, 7/29/17 at 11:30am, 1:15pm and 2:30pm. His presentations are included in the price of park admission.

Field Station: Dinosaurs
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