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Phil Murphy Just Doesn’t Get It

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, apparently the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights are still above his pay grade . In April New Jersey governor Phil Murphy said he “wasn’t thinking of the Bill of Rights” while implementing social-distancing measures — writing off any constitutional considerations as being “above [his] pay grade.”

Yesterday Governor Murphy commented,”There’s nothing patriotic about calling elected officials “fascists.” Phil Murphy , using the one the greatest fights to preserve those freedoms , 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe to criticize anti-lockdown protesters in New Jersey .Murphy said ,“some misguided people” have been labeling democratically-elected officials “fascists” and “Nazis” while demonstrating against stay-at-home and other “pandemic-related” regulations.

This from a governor who has publicly made statements like if you don’t like high taxes, ” NJ Might Not Be For You ” or better yet , Unhappy with the guy in charge …. “Go to another state.” Or even better ,“Many of you have come my way, your interventions to me did not matter one little bit,” Murphy said. “With all due respect to all the pressure that’s been out there, we couldn’t frankly care.”

No surprise that the “pandemic”  has brought out so many wannabe fascists at every level of government, seizing every opportunity to attempt to micro manage people lives .
As the “pandemic” wears on the lists of Murphy policy failures continues to pile up ,the worst of which being the destruction of the New Jersey economy, the imminent collapse of New Jersey’s pension system  and of course the wanton disregard for the safety of long term care ie… nursing home patients.

9 thoughts on “Phil Murphy Just Doesn’t Get It

  1. “If you disagree with me, leave the state” seems to be this guy’s motto.

  2. Gov Murphy seems like a decent guy, but like most liberals, he’s in over his head!

  3. like all elite liberals he wants to continue to keep everyday americans dependent on government to maintain political control and power.

  4. NJ Unemplyment System was build
    On Chernobyl Diagrams

  5. Here, ill make it simple. This governor sucks. State is cooked, done, finished, fried and any other name associated with a burning flaming ball of shit. Washington should do what Trenton does to boards of education who cant manage money. We should be the first abbot state in the nation and if the feds are smart they should refuse to send us anything until we rid ourselves of these social experiment nightmares. What does trump care, he wont get any electoral votes here anyways. Let it go.

  6. Only guy in over his head is the president. The governors are all having their time to shine. Even the terrible ones.

  7. As a centrist independent, I think some Democrats get a power trip out of fomenting alarm and panic and extending lockdowns. They don’t seem to weigh the risks of extended lockdowns either.

  8. As an artist let me know if I can lend to the cause

  9. Don’t forget the vote. May have to send in the extra ballots you receive too! 😂

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