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>Profile : Dave Pettigrew Emerges As A Fresh Voice Of ‘Change’ In Christian Music

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Everyday Miracles: Dave Pettigrew Emerges As A Fresh Voice Of ‘Change’ In Christian Music

Call him “the poet for the common man’s search for Christianity.” Dave Pettigrew proves worthy of the title through his new sophomore collection of thought-provoking music for life, Every Minute Miracles, (Somebody Else’s Records) releasing this month.

Pettigrew proves also in this, the follow-up to his 2005 debut album, Somebody I’mSupposed To Be, to be a consistent and lyrically wide-reaching breath of fresh air in Christian music as he pursues his ongoing ministry mission through song to bring the “rubber meets the road” realities of everyday life into focus with God.

His latest 10 track collection of new material leaves little wonder why the Rhode Island born singer/songwriter was recently selected among the Top 20 new emerging artists in contemporary Christian music.

The selection came from a panel of Christian music industry professionals that included voting from both the well-respected Indelible Creative Group and noted online artist resource site . Results can be heard in Pettigrew’s inclusion on the recently released compilation CD, Top20Indie2008.

Dave Pettigrew’s unique form of relevant inspirational music with contemporary pop music leanings and catchy hooks is set to the beat of life. Finding his source of inspiration in a world struggling for answers— his specialty is challenging intellect and turning hearts with his thoughtful, thought provoking lyrics to realize the final simplicity of the fact that, as the writer himself frames it best, “God is in the business of doing every minute miracles from the moment we open our eyes each day. My job is just to open my listener’s eyes to that reality.”

A graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, with majors in music business and arranging, Dave’s quest for the creative took him to New York where he ultimately ended up with more opportunities as a singer than his original plans as a sax player. Now based in Ridgewood, New Jersey, he actively tours with his band throughout the northeastern U.S.

As proven by Every Minute Miracles, Dave has found a powerful creative alliance with fellow Berklee grad, Frank Di Minno, his producer and co-writer on the nine original new songs selected for the latest CD—songs that include: Change (Follow,Me), Big Enough, God’s TV, Proof of You, The Best That He Can Be, With My Faith, What Would I Do, Something More, and All I Need Is You. The project closes with Wonderful Maker, the classic Tomlin/Redman song creation.

In addition to being the spotlight of a major review mailing to national press, Every Minute Miracles is available now on iTunes. A single is expected to be serviced to radio in October.

Further artist resources, concert schedules on Dave Pettigrew and retail links for Every Minute Miracles can be found at:

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