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Quick Action resolves ‘Smoke condition’ at Ridgewood High School

Photo by Boyd Loving

Quick Action resolves ‘Smoke condition’ at Ridgewood High School
November 28th 2012
the Staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, A smoke condition briefly cleared out Ridgewood High School on Wednesday morning .The Ridgewood News reported that an electrical short in the Little Theatre basement was the cause of the situation and was quickly resolved by the Ridgewood Fire Department who responded.

All students were cleared from the school at about 10 a.m.and were readmitted to the building around 10:30 a.m.”They had an electrical line short out and start overheating,”  Fire Chief James Van Goor. told the Ridgewood News , Chief Van Goor, went on to explain the fire department found the wire in the basement of the school’s Little Theatre, where the New Players Company keeps props for plays.
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While Van Goor noted that he could not recall a similar situation in the high school theater, but said the department has responded to these kinds of calls in homes. When a wire starts to overheat, he noted, it emits a “strong odor” different from the smell of a fire.(

RHS Principal Tom Gorman, also told the News that electricians were working on the wiring following the incident According to Gorman there was not even a fire , a smoke alarm went off due to the smoke condition created by the hot wires. Gorman also commended the students and faculty for their help assuring a “calm and orderly” exit and reentry of the building.( )

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