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>Reader says it’s time for Mr. Train to drop out of this race

>Reader says it’s time for Mr. Train to drop out of this race

Dear Mr. Train,

Your barrage of baseless, personal and acrimonious attacks on other candidates, especially, Mr. Wellinghorst, is unconscionable.

But what I, and many others in Ridgewood, find totally unacceptable, is your horrendously bad “Anonymous” behavior. Is that how you would conduct the Village’s business? This certainly is not the behavior of an adult and it certainly is not behavior that would be in the Village’s best interest. That behavior goes way beyond any acceptable level of immaturity. This is not a Tenafly/Mountain Lakes jr. high election and you need to grow up. You are not Al Franken and this is not a joke.

Now that you have been systematically uncovered, do we have to tolerate your total silence? Its amazing how you were capable of typing 90 words per minute under your own name, penning post after post. Or, I assume, you were merely posting letters and comments that were pre-written months earlier. Of course this is the most likely route as this is what you did at the debate when you, not once, looked up from your pre-written script. Someone said you were “Robotic”, but robots are less predictable and devoid of malice.

It is time for you to man-up and drop out of this race. You have completely dishonored yourself and lost all of my respect.

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