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Reader Says Ridgewood Library Re-do, “entirely unnecessary”

“I was deeply disturbed to learn when the pandemic struck that this absurd plan was not instantly relegated to the dust heap. It was always poorly conceived and at this time with money needed for many other things now and in the future, some of which we can’t even know yet, it is a dreadful thing to borrow and spend millions for an entirely unnecessary re-do to stroke the egos of the library board and create contracts to sign. Bad form. In addition, other towns need the money far more.”

9 thoughts on “Reader Says Ridgewood Library Re-do, “entirely unnecessary”

  1. Sort of like how the Village Council reallocated another 2% of the entire annual Village budget towards public safety in the 2020 budget… 2X more money than was cut from the BOE budget. Why? People were at home.

    1. high density housing get used to it

  2. High density housing is built and fully occupied? Huh? And didn’t Valley Hospital move their emergency room to Paramus? That right there should slash the Ridgewood police & fire budget by 30-40%.

    1. you failed econ 101 , Valley is still here , and more police, fire, water , sewage , schools, road work and much much more all thanks to HIGH DENSITY HOUSING , call Paul Aronsohn maybe he will write you a check

  3. Good thing the Village was forward thinking on high density housing even or eight years ago. Look what’s happening in Wayne, NJ!

    1. yes the last two councils have made every effort to rescue the Village from the mess the Aronshon et al created

  4. That’s funny. Not.

  5. This library, and every library in the state, has a consistent & rising revenue source collected as part of real estate taxes. Check your bill. They should live within those resources, but are free to ask for donations, but not from taxpayers. We already pay enough.

  6. People if you think your taxes are high now in the Village of Ridgewood. Wait two more years, this is why the turnover every year is about 100 homes people cannot afford to live in Ridgewood anymore. They just use it for the school system and they move out only maybe 10% retire and why would you retire in Ridgewood and pay all those taxes think about it doesn’t make sense. Many senior citizens can’t swallow their pride, yes we know it’s a great town but there’s so many great towns around us with lower taxes think about it. End with people bailing out of Manhattan and moving into the suburbs you just wait-and-see.

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