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SOLO Single-Seat Electric Vehicle Hits the Streets in Los Angeles and Maybe soon in New Jersey

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Ridgewood NJ, a new kind of car just arrived in Los Angeles with the goal of helping commuters think small. The SOLO, as it’s called, seats only one person.

“Why have three or four empty seats in a vehicle?” asked Paul Rivera, chief executive of the SOLO’s manufacturer, ElectraMeccanica, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. “Think of all the things you do by yourself. You go to the gym, get bagels, get your groceries. There’s so many things you do in a vehicle that is sized for the maximum number of passengers when most of the time you’re not using it.”

With two doors, three wheels, and batteries that drive it to a top speed of 80 miles per hour, with 100 miles of range per charge, the tiny electric vehicle is targeting L.A. and maybe Ridgewood  in its future.

Los Angeles is ElectraMeccanica’s first and only market at the moment, though the company plans to expand to the rest of the country within two years.

Taking up just a quarter of the space of a typical SUV, fitting nicely into the economy car spaces at the Ridgewood train station it looks like a car from the front, with the usual grille and headlights. Take a look from the back, however, and it tapers to just one wheel.

California technically classifies SOLO as a motorcycle which means the SOLO isn’t subject to the same rigorous crash-testing as a traditional passenger vehicle. To compensate, the company has added multiple features to enhance its safety, including a seatbelt; roll bar; triple side impact protection at the shoulder, knee and foot; and torque-limited stability control for the rear wheel.

ElectraMeccanica dates back to the 1960s, and an Italian firm that built replica Porsches. After that company relocated to Canada in the 1990s, it spun off the ElectraMeccanica subsidiary in 2015. Over the past five years, the company has created two earlier versions of the SOLO that were manufactured in very limited quantities, some of which are still being driven in Canada.

The newest version of the SOLO is manufactured in China, in partnership with the motorcycle maker Zongshen Industrial Group. ElectraMeccanica plans to set up a North American assembly facility within the next two years and Similar to Tesla, the SOLO is not available through dealerships. ElectraMeccanica is selling them online and through shopping mall kiosks.

Priced at $18,500, the SOLO is eligible for a $750 rebate from the California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project . To order one you simply need to drop a 250 deposit and pick your color ( )

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