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Readers Sound Off on March 11th Planning Board Meeting at BF


Readers Sound Off on March 11th Planning Board Meeting at BF

Last night we got a glimpse of how Gail Price has run and will run these hearings. When Pete McKenna from the CRR got up to ask his first and very reasonable question about using an urban planner in these hearings, Valley’s attorney got out of his chair and stormed the microphone. When he got to the mic, he physically moved Mr. McKenna out of the way so that he could object to the QUESTION.

Ms. Price opened and explained how the slate was wiped clean and all previous testimony was essentially null and void. Valley’s attorney then made a statement telling the PB who would testify and when they would testify. It left me wondering who is running the show — the PB or Valley’s attorney. Maybe this is normal as I don’t have much experience with these hearings .

Ms. Price pointed her finger at the audience when Mr. Grant’s (new planning bd member) comment about the fact that “Valley needs to expand” comment was questioned by an audience member to determine Mr. Grant’s objectivity. This is going to get nasty if Valley’s new attorney keeps objecting to everything the public has to say and Ms. Price lets him. Maybe she should call Matt Rogers for some pointers on how to run a Valley meeting..

Valley’s attorney was not only interrupting Mr. McKenna, he was interrupting members of the Board as they were attempting to answer Mr. McKenna’s question. Ms. Price allowed Valley’s attorney to continue his rant at the microphone until the audience finally shouted him down at which point Ms. Price chided the AUDIENCE for interrupting. We never did get a chance to hear the Board’s response. Unbelievable. So this is how it’s going to be. Again.


5 thoughts on “Readers Sound Off on March 11th Planning Board Meeting at BF

  1. Mr. Grant, Valley needs to expand? You forgot to add at their Paramus location.

    Seems Valley is paying a high priced lawyer to ram this process down our throats. Due Process, yeh, we’ll get due process. Seems Ridgewwod is already going down in flames. Does Ridgewood even have the proper people in place to put up a fight or defense against Goliath?

    Seems the PB is already a go right ahead Valley we’ll aprove this. So can the existing council vote this down..that answer would be yes. Sitting council can but v the next council is the real issue. Once Walsh and Riche are gone from council. Valley’s planning on the next council to finish Ridgewood off.

    Defenses, win Championships! We must defeat Valley’s very harmful expansion in Ridgewood.

    If we can’t outspend Valley, then we must outwit and outplay Valley. It is Survivor here now. Make sure this towns next council is not hand picked by Valley. We all must start now before it’s too late. Don’t get distracted by Valley…this is what they want and expect.

  2. Preparation is all. Start asking sharp friends and neighbors who are not easily intimidated and who have a clue about local politics and sufficient personal history in the town if they would consider running for council in 2014. You can bet the Valley people and their supporters have been working on this for a while. It is not too soon to plan.

  3. This needs to be a priority. The PB has an agenda. They are embarrassed that they are back t this point and they will certainly come back in favor of Valley. We need to make sure the council has at least 3 people who will vote the MP amendment down. Maybe eventually this will make valley realize this is too big for the neighborhood.

  4. word on the street…..Valley’s Board questioning ‘ol Audrey’s whopping salary in light of the proposal’s stagnation…..too bad HIB laws don’t apply here ‘cuz Valley sure has been harassing, intimidating and bullying…….too bad Valley isn’t on the West Side, those folks get awfully riled up when “it” is in THEIR backyard

  5. If this does go through as planned, it won’t really matter which side of town you’re on !!! Plain and simple: In both the short and long run EVERYONE will have a problem… more traffic, no overall benefit to the CBD, bad press for the town(no more “Village,”) no tax benefits, home prices down or stagnant,etc.

    What are the benefits for the town versus the upside ? Nothing…

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