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Reversing The American Economic Recovery

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, millions of jobs that will be created by all the government spending , what the press and politicos are avoiding is the jobs massive tax increases will cost the economy?

In the latest Committee to Unleash prosperity white paper, issued jointly with the Texas Public Policy Foundation and authored by PhD economist Erwin Antoni,  they found and some would say stated the obvious :

The cost of the Biden Build Back Better plan spread across two bills, will reach $6.2 trillion over the next decade.

The higher tax rates on corporate income, small business income, capital gains, and so on will raise the cost of capital and reduce national investment and the capital stock. This particularly bad for  New Jersey . Legislation pending in Congress, with President Biden’s support, would place New Jersey’s business taxes as the highest in the world. Yes you read  that right New Jersey’s taxes would be the: Highest Business Taxes In The World.

Compared to baseline growth the negative impact of these taxes over the next decade, will result in 5.3 million fewer jobs, $3.7 trillion less in GDP, $1.2 trillion less in income, and $4.5 trillion in new debt.

3 thoughts on “Reversing The American Economic Recovery

  1. Voters will fix this in 13 months.

  2. And people are making fun of Donald Trump. Really, the numbers don’t lie. Yes he was a little bit cuckoo but we were definitely better off.

  3. Many residents, particularly those in media, are fine with big spending. Their entire jobs are paid for by corporations that want free money to keep flowing. Big corps borrow at ludicrously low rates, then buy back their own stock. It’s their new business model (easier than creating better consumer products). They need media to keep public eye from that reality.

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