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>Ridgewood Council candidates discuss Valley Hospital


Bernadette Coghlan-Walsh : “I just don’t feel that the site that it’s on supports a further, major expansion,” Walsh said. “There are two schools within a block of Valley. If we have the construction going on for that amount of time, it’s going to disrupt everyone. It’s going to disrupt the traffic flow coming in and out of that area. It’s going to disrupt the children going to school … I just think it’s going to be a problem, and I don’t feel it warrants a zone change.”

Douglas Cronk : “We’ve got to understand that the neighbors aren’t just ‘not in my back yard’ people,” Cronk said. “They’re all for Valley being an improved facility, and focusing on its core competency. I think what they don’t want to see is Valley expand into all sorts of outpatient services that is going to increase traffic.”

Brian Dowd : I think certainly the hospital has to modernize, and I think we do have to be mindful of the immediate impact [in the neighborhood],” Dowd said. “We’re all going to benefit from a better hospital, but those people right there are going to have to put up with it in the interim.”

Thomas Riche : There is no formal plan in front of the board for an actual building, Riche said, but he did express a desire to “protect the overall neighborhood and the Village of Ridgewood,” while recognizing Valley Hospital as an asset, to arrive at a solution that is “good for all parties.”

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