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Ridgewood Planning Board sets timeline for Valley Hospital hearings


Ridgewood Planning Board sets timeline for Valley Hospital hearings
Friday March 1, 2013, 12:09 PM
The Ridgewood News

Representatives from The Valley Hospital will unveil the preliminary plans for a new 910,000-square-foot expansion project at a March 11 Ridgewood Planning Board meeting.

The special meeting will begin at 8 p.m. at Benjamin Franklin Middle School (BF).

According to Gail Price, Planning Board attorney, board members will have the opportunity to officially review the proposal and scope of work laid out by Valley representatives and witnesses at the first meeting. Speaking at this week’s board meeting, Price stressed that the public hearing will not begin on the first night.

In an effort to meet a Superior Court judge’s ruling last month, Planning Board officials established a timeline of special pub

9 thoughts on “Ridgewood Planning Board sets timeline for Valley Hospital hearings

  1. So already valley will present all the information and the public does not get to say anything. Is the fix in already with Ms. Price?l

  2. I believe the fix is in . Our leaders are pushing a compromise — meaning Valley get’s everything that it wants and Ridgewood residents get screwed. If you do not like the urbanization of the Village, it is time to get out of the “City” of Ridgewood. There is big money behind these project and our leaders (with the exception of Bernie) are only going through the hearings because it is the law.

  3. yes, watch how aronsohn folds like a house of cards. he is not to be trusted. if this gets pushed thru, he’ll get all sorts of donations from the unions so he can *try* to move on to higher office.

    just watch.


  4. Who is responsible for the failure of the first set of hearings? How much were the attorney fees for the PB hearing and the the CRR suit? Now we have to pay again! Is anyone accountable? Are the same people advising the PB this time too?

    1. if you voted for Aronsohn you are !

  5. Yes ms. Price is the legal counsel for the Planning Board just like before. She is already miffed at having to do a “do over” so I would be very surprised if the outcome was any different .

  6. As an opponent of the expansion, will I be publicly chastised again for questioning the expansion plan at the hearings?

  7. Remember Mayor Paul Aronsohn’s words during his successful election run.
    “WE MUST REPEAL THE H ZONE ORDINANCE ” Many residents fell for that along with “0% TAX INCREASE” and many more.

  8. Please note this says this meeting starts at 8 pm.

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