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Soundproofing Tips for Your New Home

Moving into a new home is a great opportunity for allowing your creativity to run wild as you start to make it your own. Whilst new furniture, color schemes, and landscaping are usually top of most new homeowners to-do lists, there are many reasons why soundproofing may also be necessary. Noise pollution is one of the biggest causes of stress in our homes which are often made from materials that offer little to no protection for our ears. Whether it is due to noisy neighbors, early morning traffic, or even your own rambunctious kids, various soundproofing options can make your home a more peaceful place to live. To help with whatever your soundproofing needs are, here are four tips for your new home.

1. Install Soundproofing Materials in Your Walls

The first way that you can effectively soundproof your home is by installing specially designed soundproofing material. This is particularly useful if your house has a home studio or if you want to soundproof the kids’ playroom for a bit of peace and quiet. Music studios use soundproof foam panels that absorb the sounds of loud instruments and keep the noise within the room. There are also various types of insulation and drywall which can significantly increase how much sound is absorbed by your walls to stop noise passing from room to room.

2. Purchase Quieter Home Appliances

Much of the noise pollution in our homes comes from the various electrical items that we use, and one really effective way of soundproofing your new home is to simply buy quieter home appliances. When you move into a new place, you quite often buy new furniture and appliances anyway, so when you are researching your new appliances, look at the reviews to find out which ones are the quietest. Many items these days are specifically designed and marketed with that in mind, so it will be easy to identify those which cause the least noise pollution. Furthermore, as well as buying quieter appliances, you can also take steps to reduce the noise caused by your current appliances. We found this site which teaches how to make your games consoles, your aquarium filter, and even your toilet quieter. Simple DIY hacks like these are easy to do and can seriously decrease the amount of noise in your home. It’s amazing how making little improvements to all the gadgets and gizmos in your home can make such a big difference.

3. Add Furniture to Absorb Sound

Especially when you are buying a new home, you may find that it has a lot of echo or carries a lot of sound. This is often because you view homes when they are empty. One of the best ways to soundproof a home is to add furniture, especially near to the walls. As with the special soundproofing materials described in tip one, furniture will help to absorb sound and keep it within the room. If you have a big heavy sofa that is pushed right up against a wall, that is a really thick barrier that sounds waves have to get through. The best furniture for absorbing sound is upholstered furniture so as long as it suits your taste, look out for suede or corduroy furniture to maximize the soundproofing potential.

4. Fit Sound Reducing Blinds of Curtains

If the noise pollution is coming from outside your new home, then most likely it is entering your property through your windows. The first important thing to note is that double glazing window Bristol is significantly more soundproof than single glazing, so if you live in an old house with single glazed windows, that is an area you may want to address. Once you have done this, the best way to stop excess sound from getting in through your windows is to fit sound-reducing blinds or curtains. These have been shown to reduce external noise levels by up to 90%. There are so many great options available these days in every material, color, and finish, so you are certain to be able to find some that suit your home decor perfectly. 

Our homes should be our havens and there is really nothing worse than trying to live with constant noise. Noise pollution can cause an awful lot of stress and can even bring on physical problems like migraines or depression. The best soundproofing options really depend on the source of the noise but in this article we have given a few tips to help reduce noise from a few different sources. Try a few of them out and you should see some great results.


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