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Clear-Cutting Catastrophe: Unveiling the Hidden Dangers of Deforestation

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the staff of the Ridgewood blog

There has been much talk about “non-native” trees at Schedler, and this description is being used as justification for clear-cutting what is currently a beautiful woodsy area.  These trees, many of which are very tall and well-established, are producing oxygen, absorbing pollutants from the highway, reducing the amount of standing water, providing shelter for birds and animals, decreasing noise pollution for residents in the area, and are just living their lives.   The “non-native” excuse is just ridiculous – it is a sorry rationalization for a terrible plan.

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Soundproofing Tips for Your New Home

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Moving into a new home is a great opportunity for allowing your creativity to run wild as you start to make it your own. Whilst new furniture, color schemes, and landscaping are usually top of most new homeowners to-do lists, there are many reasons why soundproofing may also be necessary. Noise pollution is one of the biggest causes of stress in our homes which are often made from materials that offer little to no protection for our ears. Whether it is due to noisy neighbors, early morning traffic, or even your own rambunctious kids, various soundproofing options can make your home a more peaceful place to live. To help with whatever your soundproofing needs are, here are four tips for your new home.

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Reader compares Landscapers to Terrorist

1973 with Revson, Gordy and Allison pushing off after "Gentlemen Start Your Engines!"

photo 1973 with Revson, Gordy and Allison pushing off after “Gentlemen Start Your Engines!” Indy 500

Gas blowers and trimmers make an airplane engine like noise. In addition to landscapers (which are more like terrorists) to make it worse my neighbors choose to do their landscaping at anytime on a weekend. It could happen at 8AM in the morning on a Saturday, 4PM on a Sunday, sometimes it happens at 8PM on Saturday. I understand the infatuation with perfect landscaping but a good neighbor should be considerate of other neighbors. There are little kids still asleep at 9AM on a Saturday or Sunday. One of the joys of living in the suburbs is the peace and quietness of a sunny weekend where you’d like to hear nothing but bird singing. Just when you’re sipping your coffee and trying to find where that beautiful bird is hiding the engine starts and you feel like germans are coming to bomb.
If you depend on the town to enforce any rules forget about it. They are totally incapable of doing so.

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The 7 areas with the worst noise pollution in N.J.

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Updated March 30, 2017
Posted March 30, 2017

By Erin Petenko

The federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics tracked roads, airports and other transportation to arrive at an average noise metric for each area of the nation. These New Jersey regions were some of the worst. These maps were created by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics with Esri and Open Street Map.