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The Post-Menendez controversy, claims and counter claims


Bob Menendez at Ridgewood REORG by Boyd Loving

The Post-Menendez controversy, claims and counter claims
3/5/13 3:57 PM EST

Controversy continues this afternoon over the Washington Post’s report that a Dominican prostitute has recanted her story against Sen. Robert Menendez, amid news that the source for the Post’s scoop was a cousin of a Menendez contributor.

The Miami Herald reported Monday night that Vinicio Castillo Selmán, a cousin of a Menendez contributor who had also been separately accused of involvement in the Menendez scandal, was the source for the Post’s information.

The Post did not name Selmán in its original report on Monday, but added it to the article published on Tuesday. At the same time, the Post has changed its original assertion that the prostitute in question — Nexis de los Santos Santana — was one of the two prostitutes in a video published by The Daily Caller.

Much of the confusion stems from the fact that the Post’s current version of the story makes no mention of any updates. Washington Post spokesperson Kris Coratti told POLITICO that the Post notes updates to its online stories, but that when stories go to print at midnight, the timestamp simply becomes the date of publication — in the case of the Menendez story, “March 4.” If there are any updates after midnight, the Post will provide a new timestamp noting the update.

What that means is that the current version of the Post’s story is different from its initial version, and that it’s current version contains no indication of the changes, which are significant.

One thought on “The Post-Menendez controversy, claims and counter claims

  1. The prostitute said that the was paid to read a story. She said that she never met Menendez.

    The investigation should shift to the person who created this lie. I wonder what his motivation was and who funded the smear.

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