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Top 10 blind date questions for 2021

A blind date can be a very addictive thing or can be frustrating for both of you. But yet, it is very popular today!

To minimize risks, you should only get acquainted with people using reliable sites. For example, SweetyDate is a relatively new, but rather large platform, where all users are verified, and the functionality is simply huge! There are also special online platforms for finding proven dating sites, such as, for example, Dating.Eduzorro.

So… you’ve met a person, talked, and arranged a blind date in real life with a person you don’t know a thing about, and you need to learn about him as much as possible and as quickly as possible. To do this, you need to ask him the right questions, and now we will tell you which ones.

Tell me something about your family

“Which family member do you communicate best with?”, “Who is closer to you?”.

For example, men who are close to their mothers tend to be very respectful of other women. But if a person in his 30s consults with his mother on every little thing, you should be wary.

Do you really love what you do?

This question reveals your partner’s ambitions and thoughts about the future. If the answer sounds abstract, and there is no certainty and no clarity in it, then this may be a stoplight for you.

Do you like traveling?

“Where have you been lately?”, — such questions will help you find out if a person likes to travel and how he likes to spend his holidays. You can also ask some additional questions? As following:

“Is there a place you like to come back to again and again?”;

“When you arrive in a new city, where do you usually go first?”.

Which of your acеs could you boast about?

The answer gives an idea of what things people value in their lives, what is important to them. Keep in mind that your potential partner can start praising himself, which shows that he is overly self-absorbed.

What does your perfect day look like?

The answer will show what a person is your new acquaintance. If he starts talking about exciting traveling, walking with his beloved, meeting friends, gaining new impressions, then this person has some decent interests and goals.

What’s the top relationship advice you would give yourself a couple of years ago? 

If, after being in a relationship, your companion is ready to advise himself, for example, to date several people at the same time, it is worth thinking about. Perhaps the person will follow this tip now?

What are you famous for among your friends?

You can be considered a record holder who drinks 2 liters of beer in 20 seconds or a person that goes on 12 dates a week. Or you can get a reputation as a person who always comes to the rescue!

What stereotype about men/women do you hate the most?

The answer to this question gives an idea not only of a person’s attitude to the opposite sex but also of the possible scenarios according to which he acts in relationships. It also allows you to compare it with your beliefs.

What kind of music do you like?

Music tells a lot about a person. Maybe, you both love the same music?!

You can also ask additional questions, for example:

“What is the best music show you’ve ever attended? And  what about the worst?”;

“What album do you never get tired of?”;“Is there some kind of music that you liked in school, but now you hate it?”.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

It’s a simple question that will help you identify your partner’s attitude towards money. 

The answer “I will save it for important purchases” will tell you that your new acquaintance is a serious person, and something like “I would spend it all in a club”, means that he is used to living just for today.

3 thoughts on “Top 10 blind date questions for 2021

  1. Brush your teeth and mouthwash, use deodorant take a nice shower. Clean clothes, smile and be nice

  2. three easy questions:

    1) Do you think masks work?
    2) Do you think that people should be able to select their own gender?
    3) Are you a vegetarian?

    Get someone who aligns with your answers and you will be able to work out everything else.

  3. most important… do you have a gag reflex

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