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>Top 10 College Majors the lead to High Salaries


Some highlights from the data:

Dartmouth College has the highest median mid-career salary (defined as salary at 10 years or greater after graduation).

Loma Linda University has the highest median starting salary (defined as salaries within five years of graduation), a function of their strong programs in nursing, dental and allied health.

In general, engineering schools produced the best starting salaries, and represented eight out of the top 10 schools in starting salary.

On the other hand, Ivy League Schools are the best bet for mid-career pay, with five out of the top 10.

Majors matter. Quantitative-oriented degrees — like engineering, science, mathematics and economics — filled most of the top 20 slots in both highest starting median salaries and highest mid-career median salaries.

Economics majors have the fifth highest mid-career median salary, the 17th-highest starting salary, and the highest salary at the 90th percentile, mid-career mark.

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