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Traffic Stop Leads Paramus Police to Three Teens with a Loaded Gun

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Paramus NJ, this week, Officer Michael Mordaga from the Paramus Police stopped a car on Paramus Road a little after 5 p.m.

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The officer reportedly pulled the vehicle over for having “extremely tinted windows.” In New Jersey, tinting the windshield and front side windows is not legal.

In the car the three teens did not have a license and reportedly had no knowledge of who owned the car. One of the teens in the back seat took off when the police officers questioned him. Turns out the 17-year-old had a loaded gun on him, officials said.


8 thoughts on “Traffic Stop Leads Paramus Police to Three Teens with a Loaded Gun

  1. No worries.
    Another upstanding juvenile will get a pass.

  2. Another violation of their right to steal another car………………………

  3. Where were they from?
    Why no mention of race?

    1. You know, it says a lot about a person when their reaction to hearing about a crime is “what color was their skin?”…

      1. read the FBI stats on WHO commits the majority of crime
        The woke media tries to hide that

        1. to the thumbs down.. ill give you a HINT
          who has 6 kids from 6 absent fathers
          no discipline at home= CRIME
          liberals are sick

  4. Code Word “Teens”

    1. hahah or ‘youths’….or ‘young men’
      just look at the booking photos…
      nuff said

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