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Village abdicates leadership places blame solely on PSE&G

Groove Street Photo by Boyd Loving

Village abdicates leadership places blame solely on PSE&G
November 6,2012

Honestly, we all know it’s a shitty situation and the crews I’ve seen are working like gangbusters. But the party line is ‘shame on those lying bastards at PSEG’. Mayor Paul Aronsohn is abdicating his leadership by placing blame, rather than saying ‘we in Ridgewood are working hard to help PSEG get full power restored.’

I got another reverse 911 from Paul “Mayor Vaughn” Aronsohn who bitched about PSEG again. He also said he called our unnamed state senator and asked for help. He said everyone should call PSEG and ask – no, demand – that action be taken to restore power immediately. However, he said not to worry – we will all get through this together.

I seriously wish the other council people would lock him in a closet until the power is restored. At the very least he should be banned from the robocall equipment. I am starting to wonder if all the “whining ” has backfired .

14 thoughts on “Village abdicates leadership places blame solely on PSE&G

  1. They are sending out these message becuase they (the village leadership) has egg of thier face. They spent the first few days thinking this was any-old power outage. The school board’s and village leadership’s lack of planning is now aparant.

  2. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

    In an email from Mayor Paul Aronsohn this morning, we were informed that PSE&G does not expect power to be fully restored to Ridgewood until SATURDAY.

    Please read below if you are able to help with the warming shelter!

    Volunteers are good through today however, beginning Wednesday (tomorrow) at 11am our volunteer list is EMPTY through the rest of the week.

    We are asking for two hour shifts on the following schedule:
    11am-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, 5-7pm, 7-9pm, 9-11pm, 11pm-1am, 1-3AM, 3-5am, 5-7am, 7-9am, 9-11am.

    Days needed from Wednesday, Nov. 7th 11a.m. through Saturday, Nov. 10th 5pm.

    Overnight hours are crucial. If you are able to help with any of the hours, please email Glen Mc Call with the DAY and HOURS you can help. A confirmation email will be sent back to you.
    Glen’s email is

    Last night we fed over 75 people for dinner. Crowds are getting larger for meals.

    We could use some more hot dishes for dinner this evening and many more throughout Friday evening.

    Whatever you can do is great!

    Likes: Soups, stews, chicken dishes, GREEN SALADS.

    At this point, many are “zitied” out!
    PLEASE email Glen with what you would like to make and when you would bring it.

    You can also stop by the parish center anytime to sign up there to save on emailing back and forth.

    THANK YOU in advance for your help.

  3. How many of you on this blog voted for” THE TEAM”

  4. Stop the blame game, work together with the utility and get everything back in service.

  5. Aronsohn is a career politician he will cry and blame instead of continuing to work to a solution. He told the residents of Ridgewood what they wanted to hear and now your stuck with him and his DREAM TEAM.

    Hows the Westside clean up coming along? Are you get the representation you wanted on the Council?

  6. I too thought it a bit odd that our Mayor was calling and blaming PSE&G. For goodness sake there are crews here from Oklahoma, North Carolina, Kentucky, upstate NY and probably a few other places that I don’t know about. It seems to me all hands are on deck here.

    So, to the mayor, I say pipe down unless you have something constructive to say. And by the way, let’s not try to gain political capital (shamelessly) from a natural disaster. It is is unseemly.

  7. Mayor Aronsohn does not know the meaning of “shamelessly”. His sole purpose in life and this storm is to lessen his political liability

  8. …and ends his address to the village “BTW – don’t forget to vote!” What a hack!!

  9. The blame game wears thin and is consistent with poor leadership. Everyone realizes the enormity of this natural disaster, but it IS time Mr. Aronsohn needs to step up and go to bat for his constituents.

  10. I’m surprised he didn’t blame Bush

  11. I voted for our current mayor and now i see what a cheap political hack he is.

    1. there may be hope for you yet 🙂

  12. Well I commend you for being honest but we are stuck with him and his ” TEAM” for four years. I predicted that Mayor Aronsohn will move on to higher office before his term is up.
    He wanted the title of Mayor so he could add it to his political resume. LEAD,FOLLOW OR GET OUT OF THE WAY. Well we know the Mayor can’t do the first two so maybe he should just get out of the way.

  13. I am tired of the “update” phone calls. He only talks about what others are noing or not doing. The mayor is doing nothing. He keeps complaining about PSE&G – everyone is complaining. They are working 24 hours a day, what does the mayor have to complain about.

    He is like a child, afraid that people will blame him if he can’t find someone else to blame. Stop wasting money on robo calls and stop spamming my inbox. You are as ban as the emails for Canadian pharmacies.

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