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>Wednesday Night’s Council Meeting

>I have been involved over the last month in collecting signatures for a Petition to rescind the parking meter increase and provide more commuter parking. This Wednesday I participated in a presentation before the Council. As those who were there, and as been reported in today’s RIDGEWOOD NEWS, the presentation became highly confrontational.

Later in the meeting, after most of the audience had left, I was allowed to again address the Council. The following is in essence what I said:

The part of the presentation that went before did not reflect what was my intent. There was obviously a misunderstanding between myself and the Chamber of Commerce, since my intent was for the entire presentation to solely relate to the parking issue. My goal was to present to the Council what we considered to be a problem and what we considered to be its solution. I had intended for the individual business owners to come up before the Council and state that they were supportive of the suggested change.

Instead, what occurred after my presentation, certainly did not reflect my intent or the tone that I wanted. I feel personally embarrassed by what happened and want you, the members of the Council, to know it. I have known each of you personally and have the highest regard for you. Certainly in this forum things should never get personal. Unfortunately they did. For that I want to apologize.

These are our elected officials, who put in countless hours for very little money. Whether we personally like them or not, whether we agree with them or not, they are entitled to our respect. What happened at the Council meeting was inexcusable and as I said to them at the meeting, I am personally embarrassed and want to apologize again.
Eugene Rose

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