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>What Exactly is this "COMMON GOOD" that always seem to get thrown around

>What Exactly is this “COMMON GOOD” that always seem to get thrown around

Craig Hueneke said…
In no disrespect to the good doctor as I do not personally know him. But to trash Mrs. Barclay and Mrs Dittrick because of their careers is really not called for. Let’s say it like it is people, in the eyes of Lord we are all creatures when it comes right down to it. Again, I mean no malice towards the doctor, but if it came down to wanting to know more about a community I would rather listen to a realtor. If my community had an outbreak of a mysterious rash, then I would consult the good doctor. And finally, please quit the West/East side angst. It serves no feasible purpose.

We are a community, and a community never fully agrees on everything. However a true community understands that everyone has different opinions but acts in the interest of THE COMMON GOOD.

Craig S. Hueneke

First let me commend you for using your name – braver than most, and braver than I.
The hospital is on the Eastside of town. The Westside is sufficiently distant that many there may think that they are immune or less affected by possible effects, or simply rate their importance less highly. For this particular issue, a different perspective of costs/benefits based on where you live is not unreasonable.

Your sentiment about the THE COMMON GOOD is noble, but the point is that the community hasn’t reached a general consensus on what is THE COMMON GOOD. The hospital is sure, the (unelected, volunteer)planning board is sure, but as a community we are not sure.

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