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You Guessed it, Doctor Who makes the most-Googled TV shows List for Christmas

the staff of the Ridgewood blog

Ridgewood NJ, with Christmas winking into view this week,  issued a new report on each state’s most-watched TV show during Christmas divides the nation into 3 main groups , the Simpsons, the Office and Doctor Who

The team at put together the report for the most popular tv shows and episodes during the holiday season for ThanksgivingChristmas, and New Year’s Eve, too.

To calculate the data, we analyzed IMDb for episodes that contained the word “Christmas.” We looked at all shows produced between 1990–2020, with over 1,500 IMDb votes, and a rating of at least 7.5. We also looked at  TV Listings to find out how many viewers each episode had.

Some interesting findings regarding Christmas episodes were :

Christmas and medical dramas might not go hand in hand, but House scored 33% of episodes in the top fifteen.

Christmas shows had an average time of forty minutes, which is longer than the running times for the most popular Thanksgiving and New Year’s episodes.

Last December, the most-Googled TV shows were The SimpsonsThe Office, and Doctor Who.

The Office had three episodes in the top fifteen, as did How I Met Your Mother.

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