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2 Lax flags but no American flag ?

2 Lax flags but no American flag ?

I noticed last week that we fly two Ridgewood Lax flags at the HS field, but no American flag. In other settings an American flag is at the top and other flags below.

This speaks volumes about the school and the priorities that they have. Are there any adults in charge?

9 thoughts on “2 Lax flags but no American flag ?

  1. The American flag is flown at the far end of the field, looking toward Stevens Field.

  2. Too many folks think Turf Town is a country unto itself I guess. Way too many seem to behave that way too often. Others of us would like to secede from Turf and Light land. Many already have “seceded” by voting with their feet.

    And what a message what you noted sends to kids, huh? You’re right, it speaks volumes.

  3. The American Flag flys on the larger flag pole down by the dam, excusing me, bridge between the RHS Field and Stevens Field, not the shorter useless flag pole installed by Angelo over by E. Ridgewood Ave. I believe the HS controls the larger flag pole and would be the party responsible for whether it was up or not. “Lax Day” is not a RHS event. I know RHS flys the flag at home football games and other scheduled events on the larger flag pole. Where did everyone face during the singing of the National Anthem?

  4. Again, there IS indeed an American flag. Flown correctly, lit appropriately, give the respect it deserves. It is at the FAR side of the field. Just because someone drives past on E. Ridgewood Avenue and sees the flags closest to the street, doesn’t make this post true. Go see for yourself. Lax Day opened, as it should, with the whole of the youth program singing the National Anthem to it! (and thank you to Paul Sheridan for gently reminding the young people that hats should be removed when doing so).

  5. So the flag was flying? If so, that means we have another half assed comment/criticism from an un-informed (seems to be a lot of them lately) person who would rather type in a blog than ask a question of someone who might have the right answer.

  6. And, you’ll also notice that the American Flag flies on the larger pole, at the highest point possible. Right where it belongs!

  7. It would be nice if they had the kids say the Pledge of Allegiance in school.

  8. We do, everyday at BF. Do they not at the high school?

  9. The pledge of allegiance is done every day in Ridgewood schools. This stupid rumor gets resurrected every so often on this blog.

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