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>2010 New Jersey Education Reform Rally


New Jersey Residents:

Do Something Important!

The 2010 New Jersey Education Reform Rally will be tomorrow, Thursday, April 29, 6pm in Trenton, NJ. (A screening of The Cartel will occur immediately afterward at 7:30pm.)

The other side has their paid cronies… now it’s our turn. Tell them: Enough is Enough.

If you believe that New Jersey needs Education Reform now — come to Trenton’s State House Annex tomorrow, Thursday, at 6pm — and tell your friends & neighbors about it.

(No children will be pulled out of classrooms for this event.)

The Facebook Page for the Rally:

Tickets for the 7:30pm screening of The Cartel at the State Museum Auditorium, available here:

Please Join Us
We Need Your Help — Your Involvement Matters

Apathy Won’t Improve New Jersey Public Schools

It’s Your Turn to Be Heard

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