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2014 ARI Summer Internship


2014 ARI Summer Internship

The Ayn Rand Institute Summer Internship is an extraordinary three-week program for college students and recent and high school and college graduates who are new to Ayn Rand’s books and ideas and the debate surrounding them. Each June, the program brings twenty to thirty interns to ARI’s main office in sunny Southern California, where they are immersed in an educational curriculum taught by experts in Rand’s philosophy, and gain professional experience contributing to ARI projects and programs.

The internship is an ideal way for students of all disciplines, backgrounds, and viewpoints to begin serious exploration of Rand’s ideas. The program does not presuppose agreement with or significant knowledge of Objectivism, and the classroom is an open, respectful environment where students are free to express their views.

The summer internship class typically comprises a range of academic majors and career interests—from literature to business to medicine to philosophy to engineering to history—creating a unique learning and social environment which fosters fascinating discussions and lasting friendships.

On top of all this, each intern is supported by a $1,200 scholarship and $500 travel stipend to help with living and transportation expenses.

If you are a college student or a recent high school or college graduate who wants to understand what Rand stood for and why she matters today, we strongly encourage you to apply. The Ayn Rand Institute Summer Internship is a fun, rewarding and unforgettable experience that will challenge you to think deeply about complex and crucial issues, and provide concrete professional experience to strengthen your resume and apply in your future career.

The testimonials we’ve received from our interns speak for themselves. See the righthand column to read what they have had to say about their experience, and learn more about the program below.

Apply Today!

All those who send in a complete application and meet the eligibilty requirements of the program will receive a free Ayn Rand book!

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