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20th Annual Fall Chamber Car Show Sponsored by Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce


20th Annual Fall Chamber Car Show Sponsored by Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce

2013 Ridgewood Chamber Annual Car Show The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present its 20th Annual Car Show on Friday, September 6, 2013. Memorial Park at Van Neste Square 6:00-9:00pm This is a FREE event to all residents, families and friends who love to come to Ridgewood and view the wonderful cars that are vintage, imports, hot rods, muscle, stock and contemporary. Trophies to be given at 8:30pm in front of Hillmann Lighting This year’s show will celebrate its 20th year with great music from Ridgewood’s very own Take 4. IF there is a threat of rain, check – 201-445-2600 for updates.


Ridgewood Police Traffic Alert for Friday 9/6/13

The Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce will be hosting the 20th annual car show from 6:00pm to 9:00 pm in the Central Business District. East Ridgewood Ave will be closed from North Maple Ave to Chestnut Street starting at 4:00 pm. Dayton Street, South Wanlut Street and Van Neste Square will also be closed adjacent to the park. Parking will be prohibited on the closed… roads after 4:00 pm. Busses will continue to pick up passengers near the bus stop on Prospect Street at the intersection of Hudson Street. Expect heavy traffic delays on the streets surrounding the business district beginning at 4:00 pm.

3 thoughts on “20th Annual Fall Chamber Car Show Sponsored by Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce

  1. Is it true that the Chamber sold more entry certificates this year than there were spaces to park show vehicles?

    Entries were double parked on East Ridgewood Avenue between Cottage Place and North Maple Avenue. This is the first time I’ve ever observed double parked entries.

    Also, I overheard one of the police officers tell an entrant that there was no place to park, so he should go back to the officials and ask for his entry fee back.

    Someone should be counting the number of available parking spaces and making sure there is a limit to the number of entry certificates sold.

  2. Another great night out.

  3. This was a wonderful event. people came from all over to it. Great for the town.

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