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>$48 million dollar Referendum: I think what sucks here is the fact that the field is on the same referendum as the school repairs.

>So are you saying that the installation of the new turf a/k/a “the carpet” is going to prevent everyone from getting hurt? Don’t you think that is grasping at straws? If the stands are so bad then why aren’t they being condemned by the state? And as for the field itself, I hate to break it to you, but there isn’t a surface known to man that could prevent an injury. Furthermore, the students playing on that field are not there against their wishes, they are there well knowing the assumed risks associated with heavy contact sports that are played on A FOOTBALL AND LAX FIELD. And as much as I agree that we live in a litigious society and anyone can sue for any reason, it would be very difficult to make the argument that the injury incurred during practice and/or game in a high impact sport such as football or lacrosse is the result of the field when there are THOUSANDS of fields out there in MUCH, MUCH worse conditions.

So you may not want reconsider using that argument because, quite honestly is sucks! As for the schools, there is NO doubt that they are in dire need of repair. And how can you compare Graydon pool to a football field? The percentage of residents that would get the use out of the field is a tiny fraction to the percentage of people that would get the benefit of the use of Graydon.

I think what sucks here is the fact that the field is on the same referendum as the school repairs. They should be two separate issues, it’s this “all or nothing” approach that the general public is not pleased with. And quit blaming the teacher’s compensation. Have you ever heard of the saying “what you pay for is what you get?”. Well in this case I assure you it applies 100%. “Fire them and start over?”.. Oh that is a BRILLIANT IDEA! Look what that approach did to the airline industry, which is arguably the most inefficient and financially unstable industry in the WORLD today. But there’s one difference here, we are not talking about a vacation to Wally World from being ruined, we are talking about out CHILDREN’S FUTURE. Besides, what do you think that firing the entire Village’s teaching staff and hiring all new ones is going to be cheap? Ha! And you’re worried about being sued for a bumpy football field or bleachers? You terminate an entire staff of teachers and you will have so many lawsuits complaints coming at you from so many directions we will be paying the town’s plow drivers O/T just to clear the streets of them! Get real!


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